For sitting, chatting and getting mullered.

The Ship & Mitre :-

It’s no accident that this place is the first on our list. It is a fine drinking establishment. The Ship is fairly small and you may struggle to have a pew on the weekends, but the selection of beers on offer makes up for any shortcomings it might have. The service is great, the staff are well up on the range of drinks and advice on the best pilsner, bitter or stout is always available to help get your beer goggles tuned in

Tipple: - I personally recommend Dortmunder Union Pilsner and the crippling effect it has. Also a pint of Erdinger will do you no harm, but a few pints will.

Doctor Duncans:-


Just a short stroll from the above mentioned drinkery is one of the finest examples of a Liverpool pub you will find. Doctor Duncans is a Pub of the Cains brewery which, if you see the sign atop a pub door, is a sign that there are some special drinks to be had within. The interior of this pub is incredible, with its large ceilings and tiled walls the echo effect as you chat over your pint is bizarre. The beer selection is nearing equal to that of The Ship with something for everyone. It should be noted that during a beer festival in the good Doctors, Kevin and Fazza once witnessed a man trying to walk through a wall. We have never left Dr Deaths, sober.

Tipple:- Faxe, Red Erik. Whatever they will give you before the government change the laws on drinks that make you fall over.

Ye Olde Crack:-
You try and find a link then. Go on try it.

If you can find this place (Located off Pilgrim Street on a small lane called Rice Street) go in and have a pint. What the place lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere. It’s a really great place to meet some of Liverpool’s most eccentric characters and basically get pished.

Tipple:- Preferably something wet.

The Philharmonic:-

I had to include it for its toilets, even if you have never been to Liverpool you may have heard about the reputed piss pots of this brilliant pub. Walking into the Phil (only to be referred to in short form if you have been there) is like going back in time, but in a good way, the place is spotless. John Lennon loved the place and so should you, cos he was a really nice bloke. “It’s on the corner of Hardman Street and Hope Street mate you cant miss it.” As a local might say.

Tipple: - Yes they have plenty.

Pogue Mahone:-

What other pubs do you know that tell you literally to ‘Kiss my arse’ before you’re even through the threshold? Although it is in Gaelic so you shouldn’t be offended if you only speak one language, and it isn’t Gaelic. Irish to the core (not the Corr ho ho ho) and if you read the review on the above link you will see that others are pleased with its offerings. Live music is a regular occurrence and its seldom a disappointment.

Tipple:- Guinness, Harpic. Go on you’re in an Irish bar.


Flanagans Apple:-


Matthew Street has no finer place to drink. Although we haven’t frequented this place in recent years it still remains a top pub. The atmosphere is brilliant on every floor with regular live music and lots of peculiar tat hanging from the ceiling, including the walking frame of the late great tramp with a beard. We do like Flanagans yes we do.

Tipple:- Get one quick before the regulars drink it all.

The Welkin:-

We had to have at least one Wetherspoons on here. Its where we go for cheap drinks now and where we are most likely to end up dying one smokey Sunday afternoon 30 years from now.

Tipple:- Who cares? You get change from a tenner no matter how much you buy.