You have to pay to get in, but its worth it.

Heebee Jeebee’s:-
No need for a review just go and see for yourself.

What can I say about the Heebee’s? Its really really hot, the clientele are rather strange, the beer is on the pricey side and the bouncers are scary. But this is in our opinion the best club in Liverpool. Many rave monkeys may disagree but the music is better than any other club around. Dance all night til your shirt sticks to your back. It closes at 3 but only serves drinks til 2 though you’ll be dancing so much you wont care. GO, GO NOW, I DON’T CARE IF ITS SUNDAY MORNING WAIT OUTSIDE TIL IT OPENS. Its on Seel Street.

The Camel Club:-

The music hasn’t been as good lately as they seem to have opted for pure Hip-Hop and R&(f*cking)B, but get it on a good night and there is plenty of soul to shake your fine arse to. Hot and sweaty the way a club should be and theres beautiful people round every corner. We do like this place a lot and not many people know about it cos its tucked away above the Revolution on Wood Street. So give it a go you wont be disappointed.

The Blue Angel:-

I almost feel unworthy to write about this place. The BA is growing in popularity and its understandable. You will have a brilliant night out here unless you are:-

A. Rob or B. A Snob*

The music is Edam topped with melted Mozerella served on a slab of Stilton, it is a bit cheesey, but you will have such a laugh in there that you wont care. The young men reading this should note that if you try to pull in here and do not succeed you must smell. Speaking of smells, the BA stinks when you walk in but that goes away almost instantly and you will soon be dancing like you’re possessed and drinking way past the recommended weekly unit intake. We might just see you here, just look for the red head (Kev) mummified in toilet paper and the only man wearing a hat (Peter) break dancing. Countless brilliant nights had here but they have closed off the veranda which used to be the only sanctuary from the heat. If you need to find it, just ask someone where The Raz is.

*Rob is not a Snob

Tipple:- Goldschlager, Becks or a big Groslch with a flippy lid. Also famous for its snake bite but I will take their word for it.

The Krazy House:-

You will have whiplash in the morning if you have done this place some justice. Three big floors of music the first being metal, the second rock and the third pop. We tend to stick to the second floor and on Friday nights the music is brilliant. You will see some weird and wonderful characters in here but it’s a friendly atmosphere. Some regard this place as the best club in Liverpool and they are not far wrong. Metal heads, neo goths, grungers and normal folk enjoy what it has to offer. Also try Le Bataeu on Duke Street its like the bastard offspring of The Krazy House.

Tipple:- 50p for a bottle of Carlsberg on Friday nights

The Magnet:-

We don’t go here as much as we should I think. Walking into Magnet you would be forgiven for thinking from the red glow, plush seating and stylish sounds, that Marcellus Wallace owns it, Superfly frequents it and Shaft regularly has shoot-outs with bad guys in the alley behind it. This Bar/Club is becoming a top night spot and its cool factor is off the scale. Live music is common during the week, they tend to cater for new music quite a bit and the Dj’s on the weekend will keep you moving all night. I highly recommend going here.

Tipple:- Bourbon straight.