The best places to stay til 2 or stop on your travels.


We love this place, it is a required destination on every visit to town (even when we’re just shopping). It’s a small duplex that has great music and a wide array of tequila to encourage late night toilet hugging. In particular, go here on a Thursday night for the Open Mic night known as Mixamacoustic it is the best around provided by some cheeky chappies and often a very talented female guest artiste who’s name escapes me. My favourite bar.

Tipple:- Tequila with a worm in it. Fazza’s done it, everyone else has shit out so far. For Neil I should mention they have Jagermeister.

Bar Hannah:-

This is one of two Bar Hannah’s and the other one is in New York so if you live in England it’s cheaper to go to this one. The place is laid back and full of the cool folk, plus the female bar staff are a joy to watch and friendly to boot. There’s a heated and covered patio area to the side of it which we like, and few places have a more diverse array of live music. I have walked in here at one in the morning on a Wednesday to be greeted by a five piece Jazz band and me and Fazza have sat drinking (Ahem) Shandy’s on a Sunday afternoon while two MC’s freestyled for half an hour before leaving the DJ to scratch it up nicely for a bit. They also have plenty of live music upstairs but we haven’t got that far yet, we like it downstairs and we’re set in our ways. Bar Hannah is cool as fuck. Its on Hardman Street by the Bombed Out Church.

Tipple:- Look we were hung over, the shandy’s helped us get through another day of drinking.


The review sh*ts you not, this place is super cool. We frequent it happily and this is not just because of the attractive female clientele. It has gone downhill a tiny bit from its origins but don’t be deterred. Many a drunken night spent here and the music is soul. Sit outside in Concert Square on a sunny day and enjoy the view. Two for one cocktails on certain days. We have seen impromptu break dancing comps here on more than one occasion and that’s incentive enough to go. Did I mention the women?

Tipple:- Stella fella.

Baa Bar:-

Mostly cheesy music but we don’t mind a bit of that now and then. The reasons to go to this place are the girls (who tend to be where the cheese is) and the cheap cheap drinks. Get a bottle and a shooter and get lots of change. This isn’t a place to stay all night its strictly a stepping stone for us, but if you enjoy the music then by all means stay til 2 its good enough for a cheap and cheerful night. Unisex bogs.

Tipple:- Shooters, about a million different ones and they are seriously cheap.


This place is great for meeting up with everyone, located right next to Central Station. Since the Living Room folk took over it, it has become a nice place to be again (Life Café sucked.) but move on quickly unless you have a large Swiss bank reserve. It’s a bit spendy.

Tipple:- Water if you stay too long.


Ignore the Beatles memorabilia if its not your thing, this place is great. We love it the above reviewer thinks its ok, find out for yourself. Each of the three floors has a juke box with brilliant songs to choose from, although when its busy you might expect to hear your tunes the next day (But that’s a good excuse to go for an afternoon pint). Downstairs you will find live music and Open Mic nights where I have heard some incredibly talented unknowns play their heart out. Open til 2am.

Tipple:- Beer is run of the mill but you should be drunk before midnight.