Strip bars are not everyone’s cup of tea and we understand that. Unfortunately for those who drink Earl Grey there is an abundance of bars in Liverpool that specialise in extra curricular activities. We only recommend one establishment. Dreamers is located on 21, Old Hall St, it is a bit out of the way but if you are going for a lap dance don’t go anywhere else. We don’t slag off other establishments by name on this site so you will have to take our word for it, we have tried the rest and this is the best. This is the best by a long long way. Wherever you go expect to pay £10 to get in, the entry fee includes a dance, every subsequent dance will be £5 and the drinks will be expensive. Choose Dreamers if you want to be treated like a King, you will be lucky if in the other places you are treated like a human being, we don’t blame the girls they are great, we blame bad management. Dreamers puts two fingers up to the stereotype that lap dance bars are sleazy, I have been to sleazier christenings. You are treated with respect and you are treated to a very good night. The women are fantastic, everyone last one of them. Take lots of money and leave smiling.