Touching the Void

Joe Simpson's book is a mountaineering institution. This is the documentary film partly dramatised and intersected with personal accounts from Simpson himself and his climbing partner Simon Yates. Read the book first but definitely watch this and formulate your own opinion. Would you kill your friend to save yourself?

I'd kill my friend for air miles.


Bowling For Columbine

Why are there so many gun related crimes in the USA? Is it because guns are so easily accessable? No. Is it because of the country's voilent past? No. Is it because of the high number of immigrants? Its none of the above. Its actually because the yanks are fucking bonkers. Michael Moore will prove it too. This documentary has some disturbing scenes of folk getting shot

Its great.

Physical Graffiti

Exploring the strong link between body modification and Extreme Sports. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended, you will see peircings and tattoo's performed and guys hanging by hooks. I loved it, but I'm a bit twisted to tell you the truth. Lots of Action Sports and a brilliantly selected soundtrack.

My fave Documentaty ever.