Point Break

My favourite action film methinks. And its directed by a woman, Kathryn Bigelow. Top Bird. Patrick Swayze is beyond cool. Lori Petty is hot and she should be in my bed. But she clearly isnt.

Die Hard

The original dude in a vest with a gun. And no shoes. Bruce Willis knows how to be an action hero they should make more of these films. Its just my opinion and I dont care if you disagree.

Face Off

John Woo directs with his distinctive style. This film has so many moments where you the build up to the action has the intensity of a thriller. Particularly good is the scene where the sounds of a gun fight are blanked out by a little boy's walkman playing somehwere over the rainbow. Brilliant effect.

Mission Impossible 2

The Bourne Identity

Bad Boys 2

Die Hard 2

Die Hard With a Vengeance

The Last Boyscout

The Jackal

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon 2

The Transporter

Demolition Man



The Running Man

Independance Day

Shaft (2000)

The Fast and The Furious

Bad Boys

Lethal Weapon 3

Broken Arrow



Terminator 2

Tango & Cash

Training Day

Gone in 60 seconds

Blown Away

Mission Impossible

Lethal Weapon 4